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For information, advice and guidance on using the library, referencing styles or finding journals, ebooks and articles for your assignments:. London, , 1—4. essay helping online to others in english Computing Guide Computing Helpdesk For information, advice and guidance on using the library, referencing styles or finding journals, ebooks and articles for your assignments:

National Developments and Policies National Council for Civil Liberty's 50, Outside the Law highlighted affront to civil liberties represented by detention of 'mental defectives'. Maria Mayer-Kelly and Michael D. pay someone to write a paper plates Care, Control and Citizenship Basingstoke:

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Instead of difference and deficiency, it highlighted similarities of emotional experience and response. During the s, it turned to litigation as a means to test the interpretation of social welfare law. Abstract Current policy and practice directed towards people with learning disabilities originates in the deinstitutionalisation processes, civil rights concerns and integrationist philosophies of the s and s. Additionally, the experiments by psychologists during the s, much cited in the historical literature as significant for changing perceptions towards mentally deficient people, were, in fact, ambiguous regarding citizenship. Notwithstanding these reservations about the experiment in practice, Brooklands inherently asserted citizenship rights.

Meanwhile, the inauguration of the Welfare State did little to improve the citizenship status of mentally deficient people, building on the services that had existed before the war and drawing these into the NHS. The period from the end of the s, in fact, marked the collapse of the mental hygiene movement. Ideal model became the mixed economy of care: Given that it severely criticised the prevailing medically oriented services for mentally handicapped people and sought a reduced role and authority for psychiatrists within the community, it is understandable that many doctors took this line.

Clarendon Press, , 51—2. It is claimed that debate was framed in terms of the deprivation of liberty. Over the next few years, in evidence and responses to various government committees, MIND outlined the coordinates of a comprehensive health and welfare scheme that had social integration and citizenship rights at its heart.

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The period from the end of the s, in fact, marked the collapse of the mental hygiene movement. This history is itself intimately related to notions of citizenship. dissertation help literature review checklist The NAMH pressed for investment in community care services and staff training throughout the s.

London, , 1—4. This occurred largely through application by professionalising psychologists, at a time of sustained criticism of the mental deficiency system by the NCCL. custom term paper kabanata 2 Rix Brian, All About Us: Social History of Learning Disability Timeline of learning disability history. A Hospital Plan for England and Wales — a year report that included the development of hostels.

Yet, MIND could be criticised for underestimating the extensive difficulties — political, professional, economic, organisational and attitudinal — of so comprehensively reorienting the support, care and treatment of mentally handicapped people. Patterns for Living course published. newsletter writing service or solicitors It bears pointing out that the staffing and material provisions made available for the experiment itself were inadequate, especially in its first year. That the ability of the mentally handicapped to enjoy life should not be impaired by a lack of human warmth, appropriate assessment and every opportunity for self-fulfilment. Therapeutic community approaches were not thought to be appropriate for mentally deficient people, and the Curtis Committee considered mentally deficient children to be outside its remit.

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Yet, commentators have not drawn attention to the equally important assertion of citizenship inherent in its research design. Psychiatrists would focus on assessment, visiting and treating within families or community homes, and preventing unnecessary hospitalisation. Department of Health, The psychiatric profession has been represented as resisting criticism of mental subnormality hospitals.

Conventional histories of post-war learning disability make little reference to psychotherapeutic models; understandably so. But MIND wanted what it considered a more cogent role for psychiatrists within a community service based on citizenship rights. It argued that nurses were already playing an important role in some community-oriented services, but that along with transformed training, attitudinal change was especially important.

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