Ielts essay news editors decide what to broadcast

Do you agree or disagree? Technology Rescues Dying Languages. Post date Users Rates More about the essay 4 years 7 months ago eddysuaib 50 Read full essay. college scholarship essay help winning nursing Public is often get confused which one should they trust, when they are reading or watching a news because of sheer difference of facts presented in various news agencies. Throw some light on the causes and possible solutions.

It is therefore understandable why bad news is given more importance than good news. Does it have a positive or negative effect on their development? Line 3, column , Rule ID: What possible solutions can you suggest? More essays by this user:

Ielts essay news editors decide what to broadcast college paper writing service fast custom 2018

The news is repeated and it gives the details on how the situation is created. Give 67 Nowadays technology is increasingly being used to monitor what people are saying and doing for example, through cell phone tracking and security cameras. Since the news is broadcasted, people try to copy it, it influence them to do so. Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions.

To recapitulate, news media has a great influence in people's life, so they should be more careful when they are broadcasting news also they should report incidents genuinely without being biased. Would be better if more good news was reported? Refer to extravagance and the. Public is more keen on knowing such kind of incidents. Has this become a positive or negative development

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But the media should give the news bad or good the same portion and not to extravagance the news then people can learn from the news. Key words from essay title. buy essay paper ias 2015 in hindi There are several things that should be considered by news editors what to advertise on TV and to print in newspaper.

Some people consider price as most important thing to consider when buying a product such as a cell phone or a service e. All these things should give a good reflection to an audience or a reader. help with thesis literature review tense Why is it happening? Furthermore, multi national companies

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Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant. Since bad news grabs more attention, it is given more importance. This essay topic by other users: More essays by this user: Most of our news channels and newspapers are owned by private organizations.

In Indonesia for example, if there is a bad news about violation, all the TV stations and newspaper keeping, updating the news and broadcasting the details to the audience and the news will be kept to be repeated for some coming days. Technology Rescues Dying Languages. This essay topic by other users:

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