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Hi Liz, Can you please post more lessons of this kind. September 8, at By doing this, many people who are driving crazily will be coughed and the problem will disappear. customer service essay dubai I will post my answer for all students at 5pm UK time. May 28, at

I tried practice on writing tasks. If this is done, more people who speed will be caught red handed and this problem will eventually resolved. phd thesis writing help websites To stop this, the government authorities should put more speed cameras on major streets to put people off speeding. An Introduction Researching Programs:

You can see that a band score 9 student does not paraphrase continuously. I am pretty sure I made no grammar nor spelling mistakes. buy custom research paper online shopping india Kindly clear my doubt. I want to check my writing mam could you please provide any link for that to caliculate.

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One way to face this issue could be an increase in number of speed cameras installed by authorities in the main streets. I have really learnt a lot today. Help paraphrasing exercise Definitely, after watching this kind of telecast, the youngster may become delinquent, feeling that they would also appear on television if they do something of that sort. March 6, at 9:

Otherwise, paraphrasing the idea is better. So, to manage my time in relation to my experience, what if I do the written exam in the following order. Help paraphrasing exercise Its a wonderful exercise , would you be kind enough to provide more exercises like this or share any link , where I can do more practice. Quote only when the statement is by an acknowledged expert in the field or could not be phrased in a better or more succinct way.

As an answer to speed prevention, the authorities ought to install more speed cameras on motorways to deter people from speeding. May 23, at 5: Other Print Sources Reference List:

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As a consequence lot of violence taking place giving birth to numerous criminal activities. Copyright and Plagiarism Collaborative Authorship Handout: July 10, at 9: Kindly provide an effective method to reach my goal and also I would like to do some practice exercise for planning and paraphrasing also, the link provided for paraphrasing practice is not available. using essay writing services english But you can still learn from completing the exercise on your own and checking your writing with the answers provided.

Specificity in Writing Grant Writing: This will certainly result in catching more overspeeding drivers. I just checked my results now and i got the required bands listening

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The answers for this exercise have now been posted below. Therefore, it is said that such a program should not be telecast. Help paraphrasing exercise December 17, at 1: I am a student of Ielts.

The examiner is marking you on logical — so organise logically. As an answer of this ,the authorities ought to install more speed camers on motor ways to deter citizens from speeding. Help paraphrasing exercise To solve it, officials have to keep an eye on them through installing speed cameras on main streets to keep them under speed limit. I am a student of Ielts.

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